Hilver brings together decades of experience in management, sales, marketing and communications in healthcare. 

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Holger C.W. Fürstenberg

Founder & Managing Director

Holger has twenty years sales and marketing experience in the healthcare industry. He has held senior international executive positions with Ansell, Johnson & Johnson and Danaher, working in Russia, Africa, Europe and India. Holger spends most of his free time enjoying an active lifestyle with his wife and four daughters in Holland.


+31 622 412 566


Emer Conroy

Head of Legal & Operations

Emer has extensive experience of both in-house and private practice law. Educated at Rutgers University School of Law, New Jersey, Emer has a specialist understanding of Life Sciences particularly in Europe and emerging markets. Emer lives in Ireland where she spends her free time trying not to fall off her horse.


+353 87 754 8122

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James R. Blatch

Head of Communications

James comes from the BBC where he fronted news programmes and reported on stories in the UK and around the world. After forming his own communications organisation James transitioned into the private sector bringing his story-telling talents to the commercial world.  James lives in the UK with his wife and two children; in the rare moments of spare time, he can be found in a cinema.


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Jon Stone

Head of Content

Jon is a creative professional who learned his trade producing films for the diving industry in the far east. He went on to produce documentaries for television in Europe and Asia. Today Jon specialises in bringing stories to life using a constantly evolving range of video and animation techniques. Jon lives in the UK and when not spending time with his wife, he still likes to pursue his love of diving.


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John Dyer

Head of Digital

John began his work life as a school teacher before becoming a film examiner for the UK's BBFC (the film ratings board). After heading up the BBFC's education teams John set up his own commercial film production business. At Hilver, John brings together the digital toolset that is at the heart of our modus operandi. John lives in the UK with his wife and two daughters and a dog called Lola.


+353 87 754 8122


To keep as agile as possible Hilver draws on an extensive team of freelancers and industry professionals across the EMEA region.