Apps are Key Drivers for B2B Marketeers

Effectively leveraging mobile as a sales tool requires more than just building an app, and this is where most B2B mobile sales and marketing efforts fail. As Jordan Stopler, CEO of StoryDesk, notes, “The greatest misconception of app development is that once the software is built, the development ends. In fact, the opposite is true. Like it or not, mobile software is an ongoing service, rather than a once-and-done product.”

Roy Chomko, CEO of Adage Technologies reports that “While executives eagerly shell out thousands of dollars for an app’s development and launch, too often they fail to forecast the ongoing costs of maintaining a mobile application.” If this is true, then what additional effort, time, and expense should B2B marketers or sales executive anticipate?

In order for a company to be successful in their mobile marketing and sales enablement efforts, their apps must provide useful experiences for all of the constituents in the go-to-market ecosystem. This includes marketers, sales team members, channel partners, and most importantly, prospects and customers.

There are three primary areas of time and resource investment that every B2B mobile sales and marketing app requires:

  1. Development
  2. Deployment
  3. Maintenance and Updating